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What is the WPRA?      

The West Pasadena Residents' Association is an all-volunteer organization of the residents of southwest Pasadena dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the character of southwest Pasadena and the quality of life in Pasadena.

Your membership, contributions and volunteer support are key to the WPRA's success.   All activities of the WPRA are funded through membership dues and contributions.  The WPRA receives no public funding or other monies and has no paid employees.  The WPRA does not endorse or otherwise support or oppose candidates for public office, and no WPRA funds are spent in support of or in opposition to candidates.

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WPRA objects to City Council's last-minute change to Desiderio Park Plan (Nov 2014)

Pasadena City Council, in its meeting October 27, 2014, voted to add public restrooms to the proposed zoning for neighborhood park that is part of the Desiderio development project.  WPRA is appalled at the City Council's abrupt action. 

In response, we wrote to the Mayor and City Council on November 1 that, "we are dismayed at the City Council's violation of trust with the residents of West Pasadena by imposing a structure to the Desiderio development project in direct contradiction to the staff recommendation and the clear neighborhood opposition expressed at the meeting and in the letter [we] sent to you on September 12, 2014. The design developed and proposed by the staff and published in the EIR came out of a long, inclusive process that incorporated community input. This 11th hour addition of a restroom to the proposed zoning change was not part of this process and the community has not been consulted. We support the development proposal that includes affordable housing as well as the passive neighborhood park, such as the San Rafael Park which successfully serves the diverse residents of our city." 

Full text of the letter is here.

WPRA Participates in Connecting Pasadena Plan (CPP) (Oct 2014)

Be sure to attend the second of two visioning workshops on Saturday November 8, 9am to noon at Maranatha High School, 300 West Green Street, Hall of Administration, with parking lots on Green St next to the building.  The workshops are to re-design the 710 stub, the area from Union Ave to California Blvd, or what we like to call "the ditch." That's right!  We'd like to ditch the ditch. WPRA and other Pasadena organizations are in agreement.  So let's get together to make it happen  For details, click here or on the CPP icon in the left column.

Please let the organizers know if you plan to attend. RSVP webform is:  http://goo.gl/forms/Sv2XIXqhL1

Pasadena’s urban forest threatened by tiny beetle (Oct 2014)

The City of Pasadena, the University of California at Riverside, the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens and many others are studying a fungus-spewing pest that has already infected and could possibly kill nearly 30 species of trees in Southern California.  Unfortunately, a solution has yet to materialize to help combat the potentially devastating strain of the ambrosia beetle, which is smaller than a sesame seed.
It’s called the polyphagous shot hole borer.  And while its origins and method of arrival in California are unknown, what is known is that the tiny grain-sized beetle drills a hole into a host tree and plants a fungus called Fusarium, which can spread and kill the tree within two to four years.
Still, the full extent of the impact in Pasadena is not yet known. Charles Peretz, Pasadena’s Parks and Natural Resources administrator, admits it certainly has officials very concerned. “Unfortunately, at this time no biological or chemical solution has been found to either eradicate the pest or even mitigate its impact,” said Peretz.
For more information about the beetle and how to respond if you should find traces of it in trees on your property:

  • Click here to view the story on the front page of the Fall 2014 issue of the WPRA quarterly magazine
  • For information from from the University of California at Riverside, click here.
  • Call Pasadena’s Urban Forestry Customer Service Center at (626) 744-4321

WPRA Opposes Adding Restrooms to Plans for Desiderio Army Reserve Center Park (Sep 2014)

In their September 10 meeting, the Planning Commission narrowly voted (4 to 3) to add bathrooms to the plans for reuse of Desiderio Army Reserve Center, contrary to City staff recommendation. 

WPRA has consistently supported the planned park and consistently opposed adding amenities like bathrooms that would change it's character as a neighborhood park. 

On September 12, we sent a letter to the City Council saying “WPRA strongly opposes the recommendation made by four members of the Planning Commission.” We noted that the park is not intended to accommodate large groups or organized sports, and that public restrooms and ample parking are already available a short walk away at Brookside Park.  We urged the Council to “approve the project recommended by the staff, without restroom and additional parking.”  The full letter is here.

WPRA Urges City Council to Postpone Altering Transportation Metrics (Jul 2014)

On July 19, WPRA President Geoff Baum wrote to the Mayor and City Council saying:

Monday's City Council Agenda includes an update on the General Plan and staff recommendations to modify current transportation measures.

We are grateful for your careful attention to this issue and have prepared a letter and other background material detailing serious concerns about altering current transportation metrics. I have included the text below and also attached it as a .pdf to this message. [The letter is here]
We support efforts to move Pasadena forward in reducing traffic and emissions and increasing other modes of transportation, but for a variety of reasons detailed in the letter, WPRA strongly urges you to apply current PasDOT-approved transportation measures to evaluate and develop the General Plan.

Thank you for your efforts and we look forward to seeing you Monday night.
In addition, Planning Commissioner and former WPRA President Vince Farhat sent a memorandum here to the City Council also advocating a "balanced and inclusive system...[to] adequately and responsibly address our City's layered needs."

Unprecedented Rose Bowl Events this summer (Jul 2014)

There will be an unprecedented number of major events at the Rose Bowl this August and September. Both Rose Bowl management and WPRA need to know about event-related problems within our neighborhoods. In addition to helping resolve event-related problems, your experience with these concerts will be used in evaluating the Rose Bowl's plans to host a recurring 3-day music festival (see the item "WPRA Provides Scoping Comments..." below).

Please call Rose Bowl Resident Event Hotline or write to WPRA, or both, if you see something going wrong with any event, such as safety issues, excess noise, or unusual traffic conditions.

   Call: Rose Bowl’s Resident Event Hotline 626 397-4141
   Write: WPRA at Update@WPRA.net

The Rose Bowl’s Resident Event Hotline was established specifically for our use. It is answered by a person in the event command center, which also includes police, fire, and event management coordinators.

After you call, someone from the staff should get back to you and let you know how your issue was addressed. If that does not happen, WPRA wants to know.

For more information, visit the Rose Bowl website at www.rosebowlstadium.com, and particularly their Community page at www.rosebowlstadium.com/about/community

WPRA commits funds to the SR-710 DEIR study  (Jul 2014)

Reinforcing its firm commitment to oppose Metro and Caltrans plans for an SR-710 Freeway tunnel, the WPRA Board of Directors on Wednesday, July 2, approved a motion to commit a significant amount of funding to analysis of the SR-710 Freeway Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR). Although the release has been delayed twice already, Metro and Caltrans have recently stated the DEIR would be released early next year. The WPRA initiative is under the direction of Sarah Gavit, WPRA vice president and SR-710 Committee chair.

San Rafael Elementary Surplus Property "7-11" Advisory Committee recommends San Rafael School not be declared surplus  (Jun 2014)

The State of California requires the governing board of a school distristict, in this case the Pasadena Unified School District, to appoint an advisory committee to advise the board on disposition of any "excess real property" before it is leased or sold.  The law requires the committee to be composed of not less than seven nor more than eleven members (hence "7-11 committee") and be representative of specific groups within the community.

The 7-11 Committee for San Rafael School completed its work and made the following recommendations for the Pasadena Board of Education:

  1. The Property should not be declared surplus, and the Board should give further considerable thought and and analysis and act and incur expenses necessary, to explore the potential to retain public-school at the Property.
  2. In the event the Board determines that after such further investigation and due diligence that the Property in its entirety cannot be used as a public school, as a result of seismic and/or fiscal constraints, that the Property should be declared surplus.
  3. If the Property is declared surplus, that the Property should be sold pursuant to applicable law, but only if the funds received from the sale would be invested in a different school site in the San Rafael neighborhood or west of the Arroyo Seco, including consideration of the Linda Vista elementary school site. Otherwise the Advisory Committee does not recommend a sale of the property under any circumstances.  
  4. Should such sale, under such circumstances and for such sole purpose, not come to fruition, the Property be leased for use as a charter school or as a private school.

The full report can is here.

WPRA thanks the committee members and PUSD for taking their diligence and care in listening to the community and producing a thoughtful and constructive report.

WPRA Provides Scoping Comments Regarding Rose Bowl Music Festival EIR (Jun 2014)

In a formal letter to City and Rose Bowl officials, WPRA listed 8 specific concerns about the Rose Bowl’s application to host a recurring 3-day music festival.  WPRA Directors, including President Geoff Baum, attended the first scoping meeting to re-iterate and expand on our concerns.

The letter is here.  

In addition to supporting recommendations by our partner neighborhood organizations, the letter lists specific issues with traffic, safety, total number of events, and impacts recreational users and on other venues in the arroyo.

Developer Withdraws Plans for 90 units in Orange Grove Circle (May 2014)

On May 14, WPRA received an email from Councilmember Madison anouncing that Developer Brookfield Residential said “…per our discussion this morning, upon further analysis of the project in response to the feedback that we received from City staff, we have decided that we would like to withdraw our PPR application for the Orange Grove Circle project….”  The statement is in a message Brookfield Residential wrote to Vince Bertoni, Pasadena Planning Director, and his staff.  WPRA is pleased with this decision.

Sign Up for Pasadena Fire Alerts through Pasadena Local Emergency Alert System (Mar 26)

The City of Pasadena Fire Department has implemented a system for sending emergency and other urgent messages to community members through text and voice messages.  The Fire Department urges community members to sign up for the system, called PLEAS (Pasadena Local Emergency Alert System). Click here   for details and sign-up.

This is in addition to the Pasadena Police community information service, Nixle, which provides routine (rather than emergency) information releases. Click here for Nixle information and sign-up.

For more information, visit http://cityofpasadena.net/Fire/PLEASPlease direct all inquiries to PasadenaLocalAlert@cityofpasadena.net. 

Check Out Updated Crime Statistics (thru July 2012) and Recently Reported Incidents
Neighborhood safety was a key concern expressed in our recent  resident survey. The WPRA Neighborhood Safety Committee is continuing to work with Pasadena Police Department and other agencies on these issues.

The WPRA is a 501c3 non-profit public benefit corporation. Membership contributions and donations are fully deductible to the extent permitted by law.