If you are looking for ways to help our community and are interested in supporting the WPRA with your efforts we would like to hear from you. If you would like to know how you can help, or just have an idea and are looking for a way to start, please contact us or select the volunteer link, above.

WPRA Board of Directors

The efforts of the WPRA are guided by its Board of Directors, and performed by the board and member committees -- all of whom are volunteers. We are always in need of capable assistance. To learn more about the board and its committees please contact a board member or contact us at update@wpra.net for information about attending a board meeting.

WPRA officers and directors are elected at our annual general membership meeting each spring. The term for all officers and directors is the same as our membership year: June 1 through May 31. The officers and directors for 2016-2017 are:


Kenyon Harbison       President  
Sarah Gavit               Vice President  
Blaine Cavena           Treasurer  
Justin Chapman        Secretary  
Geoff Baum  
Dan Beal  
Bill Christian
Avram Gold
Ken Grobecker
Joan Hearst
Chuck Hudson
Audrey O'Kelley
Catherine Stringer  
Priscilla Taylor  
Bill Urban  
John Van de Kamp  
Nancy Walker  
Gazelle Raye Wichner  
Fred Zepeda  
Linda Zinn