WPRA Neighborhood Update Email

The WPRA's weekly Neighborhood Update provides timely announcements of city council and commission meetings which affect our neighborhoods, headlines with web links to articles from the Pasadena Star News and other periodicals, and announcements of local leisure activities with informational web links.

The Neighborhood Update is distributed via email most weekends. Unless declined, the Update is provided to all WPRA donors and members for whom the WPRA has an email address, and to others upon request. To subscribe or unsubscribe or make changes to your subscription please click on the box below.

Important: For new subscriptions, click on the box below and enter your email address when prompted. To unsubscribe or change email or profile information, click on the appropriate link at the bottom of one of your Neighborhood Update emails.

Suggestions for the Update, comments on current content, and requests for information regarding the Update should be directed to update@wpra.net.  Advertising is not accepted for the Update.

To view the most recent Update please go to our home page, here, and click on "View Neighborhood Update email" in the left margin.

The Update is not regularly published in the month of August and in the latter part of December.