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Current and prior issues of the WPRA Newsletter may be viewed using the links below. We regret that not all issues are available online. For additional information on prior issues please contact editor@wpra.net.

Newsletter issues available online (and cover articles)

2019 Fall (Arroyo--Urban Park or Natural Treasure? State Senator Portantino Profile, Focus on Recycling)
  Summer (Annual Meeting, Homelessness Panel, Big Dig behind Devil's Gate)
  Spring (Homelessness in Pasadena, Inclusionary Housing in Pasadena)
  Winter (Victory over 710 Tunnel-with reservations; Hahamonga Big Dig; WPRA Fall Party & Social)
2018 Fall (Pasadena Sales Tax Proposal, Desiderio Park & Restroom, Mansionization rules)
  Summer (Annual Meeting-Threats to Local Control, 710 Tunnel Only "mostly dead")
  Spring (State Mandates Usurp City Control of Development, PUSD Struggles as Revenues Decline)
  Winter (Caltran's unethical tactics, One Arroyo Day, Colorado Street bridge task force)
2017 Fall (Reclaim the stubland, Caltrans tenants deserve protection, Arroyo Advisory Group outreach)
  Summer (End of SR-710 Freeway Tunnel? Annual Meeting, Short-term Rental Survey, John K. Van de Kamp Bridge)
  Spring (Annual Meeting Announcement, Ordnances for short term rentals, Remembering John Van de Kamp)
  Winter ("Big Dig" at Devil's Gate, Regulating Short-term Rentals)
2016 Fall (Recognizing donors in the Arroyo, Road Diets & Parklets, WPRA Donor Recognition)
  Summer (Mayor warns of 710 tunnel threat, WPRA 54th annual meeting, Rose Bowl renovation final phase)
  Spring (Transforming the 710 ditch, Annual Meeting Announcement, Arts Festival EIR)
  Winter (PUSD Saves San Rafael, 710 Tunnel will take your breath away)
2015 Fall (Trenching at San Rafael School finds no earthquake faults)
  Summer (New voices against SR 710 tunnel, Annual Meeting)
  Spring (Annual Meeting Announcement, SR 710 DEIR Released)
  Winter (SR 710 tunnel)
2014 Fall (Pasadena's Urban Forrest Threatened by Tiny Beetle)
  Summer (San Rafael Surplus Advisory Committee, Annual Meeting)
  Spring (SR 710 Tunnel, Preservation Issues)
  Winter (San Rafael School targeted for closure, Cities join for SR-710 EIR Review)
2013 Fall (Mansionization, La Loma Bridge)
  Summer (710 Tunnel Impact, WPRA Annual Meeting)
  Spring (Annual Meeting, Practicing (and printing ) what we preach)
  Winter (NFL @ Rose Bowl, 710 Fwy, San Rafael School)
2012 Fall (710 Freeway Extension)
  Summer (San Rafael School)
  Spring (Annual Meeting)
  Winter (Rose Bowl NFL Survey)
2011 Fall (Fire station 39)
  Summer (WPRA Awards)
  Spring (Annual Meeting)
  Winter (Legacy of parks and trees)
2010 Fall (Chief Sanchez)
  Summer (Pasadena Heritage)
  Spring (City Ventures/Ambassador West)
  Winter (General Plan)
2009 Summer (San Rafael School)
  Spring (Annual Meeting)
  Winter (Arlington Garden)
2008 Fall (Images of Pasadena)
  Summer (Arroyo Parks)
  Spring (Annual Meeting)
  Winter (Palm Trees on Orange Grove)
2007 Fall (Richard Bruckner)
  Summer (Preservation and Prosperity)
2006 Spring (NFL in the Rose Bowl)
  Winter (Sares Regis/Westgate)
2005 Summer (4th Quarter for NFL Rose Bowl)
  Winter (Conference Center Expansion)
2004 Spring (Annual Meeting)
2003 Winter (Arroyo Seco Plans)
2002 Fall (Natural Arroyo Seco)
  Summer (Arroyo Echo)

(Ambassador College/Legacy)

1982 Nov Proposed Landmark District Ordinance
1981 Jan Highrise Development proposal
1980 Sep Colorado Street Bridge Rehabilitation
1979 Mar Using Vista del Arroyo site for US Court of Appeals
  Jun Saving Marengo Ave Ash Trees
  Oct Urban Conservation Zone for Old Pasadena adopted
  Nov Funding for Colorado Street Bridge Study
1978 Nov Interim Arroyo Seco District