The WPRA focuses its efforts on those areas of greatest concern to our members, our neighborhoods and our city. In some issues we take a leadership position, while in others we work with other interested groups.

Neighborhood Safety


The Neighborhood Safety Committee provides a one-step source of information for the various groups interested in keeping neighborhoods in the WPRA area safe. The Committee's pages on the WPRA website provide a platform for providing that information to the entire WPRA area.

Current Activities:

We are working with several groups interested in keeping our neighborhoods safe:

  • The Pasadena Police department patrols and responds to calls about safety issues. They also keep statistics on the kinds and numbers of incidents in our area.
  • The Pasadena Police department also issues periodic bulletins warning of  criminal activity. The committee will provide a repository for these bulletins.
  • Alix Reeves maintains an e-mail distribution list that is used to notify residents of suspicious or criminal activity. If you would like to be added to Alix's e-mail distribution, please write to her at
  • Neighborhood Watch groups often have information that could be beneficial to a wider audience.  
  • Pasadena Reintegration and Enforcement Program (P.R.E.P). A program of the Pasadena Police Dept that helps people recently released from incarceration to get back into the community. Look at the brochure.

You can help, when you see something suspicious or out of the ordinary.

REPORT it to the Pasadena Police Department.

WARN your neighbors by sending a message to She will forward it to her list. If you are on her list she will send you a copy of her list and you can send your warning yourself.

CHECK to see if there have been similar incidents. Go to Recently Reported Incidents (link on the left sidebar) and see if others have made similar reports, or the Pasadena Police Department has issued a notice on this type of activity.

 Need more information, or like to participate?  Please contact the committee chairperson, Nancy Walker,