The WPRA focuses its efforts on those areas of greatest concern to our members, our neighborhoods and our city. In some issues we take a leadership position, while in others we work with other interested groups.

Land Use and Planning


The Land Use and Planning committee addresses issues pertaining to planning, design, and preservation as they affect the quality of life in West Pasadena neighborhoods. WPRA continually researches monitors the many projects and proposals affecting our area.

Current Activities:

WPRA’s Land Use and Planning Committee members participate in applicable city commission and city council meetings to gather information as well as present testimony at hearings.

Projects and issues that WPRA is monitoring include:

  • Arroyo Seco Music and Arts Festival
  • Metro’s SR 710 “Close the Gap” Alternatives
  • Pasadena South Fair Oaks and West Gateway Specific Plans
  • Mansionization and Hillside zoning
  • Habitat for Humanity Desiderio Affordable Housing Project
  • Civic Center Development
  • La Loma Bridge restoration
  • Second Unit dwellings of single family homes (“Grannie Flats”)
  • Traffic flow and congestion throughout Pasadena and especially West Pasadena

Need more information, or like to participate? Please contact the chairperson, Mic Hansen,