The WPRA focuses its efforts on those areas of greatest concern to our members, our neighborhoods and our city. In some issues we take a leadership position, while in others we work with other interested groups.

WPRA Donors, Patron Level & Above

The WPRA wishes to gratefully acknowledge those donors who contributed last year – and those who have done so throughout the years. Your support is vitally important as we work to preserve the inimitable quality of life here in our neighborhood and our city.

The donor list includes contributions that have been received through 2008.  If you do not find your name, or if your name is not listed correctly, please contact


Castle Press
Dr Richard C. Gilman
Heather and Harvey Lenkin
Dorothy R. Lindsey
John and Carolyn Naber
Fred G Zepeda


Mark and Pam Algorri
Bill and Claire Bogaard
Gus and Judith Christopoulos
Susan and David Codiga
Ms. Wendy Currier
Robert DeBlasis
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Dencik
Louise O Dougherty
Jon Dudley and Colleen Williams
Steve and Janet Elkins
John and Ruth Fleck
Jim and Jane Fox
Mr and Mrs Richard Frank
Will and Anita Freeman
Tom Gertmenian
Donald Hall
Mic Hansen and Len Evans
William and Maureen Hollingsworth
George and Valerie Leiva
Ethan and Joanne Lipsig
John and Patricia Martin
Dorothy and John Matthiessen
Richard and Rosemary McDonald
Carolyn and Chuck Miller
James Fahlgren and Audrey O'Kelley
Gordon J Pashgian
Bob and Janice Raney
Jim and Anne Rothenberg
Joyce and Jan Sakonju
Phil Sotel
Taylor Stirling
George and Ruri Sugimoto
Lonee and Charles Urtuzuastegui
Susan and Chris Wadden
Paul and Liz Walker
Carl. D. Winberg MD
Linda Zinn
Arno Grether



Paul and Allison Alanis
Les Allan
Nancy and Todd Allan
Reid and Kathy Allen
Grace R. Anderson
Architectural Window Shades
Marta Arriandiaga
The Arvo Family
John and Margaret Asher
Bob and Jan Ashford
Cheryl Auger
Bruce and Judy Bailey
David A. Bailey
Lourdes Baird
Marlene Konnar and John Baldeschwieler
Eugene and Liz Baldridge
Andrea and Habib Balian
Toni and Habib Balian
Michael Barish
William J. Barney
Earl and Patricia Barondes
Geoffrey Baum and Lisa Gallaway
Jim and Judy Baum
William and Susan Bauman
Martyn S. Belmont
Joan and Gerry Bergman
David and Cherry Bianchi
Mr and Mrs Blalack
Mrs William E Bloomer
James B. Boyle, Jr.
Judith B. Brandt
Claire and Brad Brian
John and Louise Brinsley
Mr and Mrs Frank Brooks, Jr
George and Marilyn Brumder
Ernest A. Bryant
George and Jo Anne Burr
Debra and James Cahill
Dr and Mrs Howard D Cantwell
William Cary and Sharon Mayo
John and Lynn Casani
Virginia and Blaine Cavena
Maggi Cherniss
Chuck and Janet Chillingworth
Ruth Christensen
Doug and Linda Clarke
Dawn Herbuveaux Cobb
Dee Cody
Kenneth L Colborn
Ralph and Shirley Contreras
Bob and Julie Cooke
Mary P. Coquillard
M.A. Cunningham
Dorothy A Currier
Wendy Currier
George and Kathryn Dawley
Brandon J. De Porto
Tim and Gay Degani
Rick and Sharon DeHerder
John and Elena DeMarco
Bill and Margi Denton
Burnell and Bonnie DeVos
Robert A. DeWitt and Roxanne E. Christ
Drew and Angie Diamond
D.G.W. Dimit
A S Dmohowski
Mike and Kathryn Donscheski
Anne M. Dougherty and David Dobrikin
Richard Dunn Family Foundation
Norman and Cindy Dupon
Richard and Babara Ealy
Joanne and Hayden C Eaves III
Carol Anne Econn
Joel Edstrom and Peggy Adams
Robert B. Egelston
Ellen Eidson
Tom and Patricia Ellison
Steve English & Molly Munger
Alfred and Virginia Escamilla
David and Christine Farguson
Vince and Betsy Farhat
Terrie and Mike Farrand
Ty H. Fernandez
Beverly Fitzgerald
Janet and Robert M. Fitzgerald
Clarence and Anne Flemin
Francine and Ralph Flewelling
Cliff Ford
Thomas and Louise Fox
Larry Frampton
Lauren Frankel
Ed and Karol Franks
Kittie Frantz
Father Bob and Tracy Gaestel
James and Priscilla Gamb
Alex J. Garcia
Don and Meg Gertmenian
Bob and Esme Gibson
Garth Gilpin and Elizabeth Smalley
Merton Goddard
Peggy and Don Grannis
Marijke Grotz
Vincent F Guinan
Sam and Sylvia Hale
Larry and Paulette Hall
Rob and Beth Hansen
Tina and Jim Hart
Drs Mark and Elizabeth Hassan
John and Betty Henno
Lois Hill
Doris K. Hilton
Thomas and Marian Hirsch
Gary and Priscilla Hoecker
Mary Fauvre and Robert C. Holmes
The homeowners association at 707 S Orange Grove
Dr James Hopkins
Barbara and John House
The Howards
Alice S. Huang and David Baltimore
Linda and Ralph Hubbard
Mr and Mrs M.L. Hutcheson
Carlos and Joan Javelera
Paul and Missy Jennings
Bill and Eleni Jernigan
Dr T Jeyaranjan
Nancy and Fred Johnson
Brian Kabateck and Roxanne Hampten
Dr and Mrs Michael Kadin
Laila Karme
Lisa Kenyon
Mr and Mrs Khalaf
Judith Klump
Janet A Kobrin
Bob and Barbara Koch
Robert B. Krug
Dora and Robert Kuhn
Coralie Kupfer
Arthur and Susan Lacerte
Gerald and Eileen Lehmer
Chris and Kristen Linx
Sara Lippincott
Yvonne Llewellyn
Patricia and John Locke
Claude and Frank Logan
Don and Elaine Lomas
Sam and Gail Losh
Gail Lovejoy
Fred Lowe and Karen Demott
C J and Thelma MacGregor
Bob Mackin and Merrilee Fellows
Jane Mallary
Bob and Marvine Malouf
Maranatha High School
Ric Marino
Ilene and Howard Marshall
Phillip and Lois Matthews
Laura Matz
Mayfield Senior School
Frank and Julia McCarthy
Bill and Nancy McDonald
Delford B McGee
Judy McLaughlin
Mel and Marcia Means
Dale and Yan Morrison
Charles Morse
Robin and Steve Newquist
Mrs Frank Noble
Don and Joyce Nores
Dennis and Linda O'Leary
Kay and Steve Onderdonk
Gary and Ellen Osheroff
Jeff T Owen
Alfred and Jeanne Paiz
Gary and Julie Pantiskas
Randy and Lee Parks
Peggy Phelps
Mrs Cornelius Pings
Ms Helen Posthuma
Mary Prickett
Daniel Prince and Lisa Morley
Mark and Pam Ragus
Delfino A. Ramirez
Diana Raney
Lori MacPherson and Keith Rawlinson
John Rellos
Brent and Carla Riggs
Denise Riley
James and Erika Robinson
Enrique Romero and Minerva Zermeno
Rose Bowl Operating Co.
George R Rossman
John and Kelly Rouse
Virginia Rowen
Ruth H Ryburn
Marsel and Michael Saeedi
Eri "June" Saitsky
Elizabeth Loucks Samson
Terry and Marley Sanderson
Dave Schaar
Bill and Sharon Schlarb
Arthur J R Schneider
Dave Schnuelle and Cindy Clark
Eileen and Fred Schoellkobf
Mr. And Mrs Secundy
Sequoyah School
Patricia Shanks
Anthony and Iris Shaw
Dru Sherrod
Mr and Mrs James R Shoch III
Mike Sigler
Betty and Norri Sirri
Don Cunningham Smith
Luchus Smith
Robert and Judith Spare
Jim and Judy Spencer
Sarah and Chuck Steidel
Monza and Jim Stevens
John and Cynthia Stipanov
Mr and Mrs William Streiber
Geraldine M. Stumpus
Raymond and Gregoria Suchy
Walt and Dottie Sumner
Lorraine E Supple
Edmund Sutro
Dawn Suttle-Forkner
Roma Swah
Eleen and Edward Kutch
Alice C. Taylor
John and Lee Taylor
Eldon Teper
Joan Terry
Rob and Charisse Tolleson
John and Victoria Tongish
William and Susan B Tully
JoAnn Turovsky
John and Andrea Van de Kamp
Jim and Gail Vernon
Timothy and Janet Walker
Robert Walp
Jim and Robin Walther
Francis and Lily Wang
N.E. Warner MD
Pam and Fred Wasson
George Way and Maria Low Way
Normarie Waybourn
Dorothy L. West
Lawrence W Westfall
Edgar and Peggy Whitmore
Robert Winter
Phillip and Jessie Wojdak
Cathy Woolway
Fay Yee
Heinz and Rosemarie Zaiser
Robert and Leslie Zasa
Dale and Laurie Zeh
Stanley Zerne, MD