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Rose Bowl Update

Rose Bowl Update (March 2015)

Air + Style Event
Air & Style was held February 21 and 22 at the Rose Bowl.  It featured a 16-story ramp covered in man-made snow for the skiing and snowboarding competition, plus a skateboarding area, food trucks, local artists, fashion, three music stages and a family area. The event was a financial success for Rose Bowl, they got paid up front.  However, the promoters may not have been disappointed, because the second day was spoiled by rainstorms.

Rose Bowl management said they were aggressive about keeping sound down.  One performer left the stage because they were not allowed to turn up the sound.

Still, there were issues, including traffic problems in the Linda Vista area because “no parking” signs were not posted on the first day (Saturday).

3-Day Music and Arts Festival Proposal
Rose Bowl management announced they had chosen AEG Entertainment as their partner in defining and, if approved, managing a 3-day music and arts festival centered at the Rose Bowl. Senior representatives from AEG presented concepts and a general approach at the March 5 meeting of the Rose Bowl Operating Company Board of Directors.

AEG currently manages 27 unique music festivals all over the US, including the New Orleans Jazz Festival and the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival here in Southern California.

The City of Pasadena will manage the Environmental Impact Report for this event.  They expect to issue the Draft Environmental Impact Report late this summer.

Rose Bowl financial Picture
Rose Bowl management released a 9-year picture of Rose Bowl finances; from 2011 through projections for 2019. The report is summarized in table below. It shows the Rose Bowl being profitable throughout the period, until you include preventative maintenance and maintaining capital reserves. The full report is on Rose Bowl’s website ( A link to the full report is on WPRA’s website,  

RBOC lists a number of actions it is considering to shore up Rose Bowl funding, including the following (from RBOC agenda report dated March 5, 2015):

  • Pursue and try to secure as many displacement events as possible as market conditions allow,
  • Secure a third tenant, specifically a music and arts festival on a long-term basis and increase the number of annual displacement events to 15, excluding July 4 Americafest prior to requiring City Council’s approval.
  • Secure an NFL team on an interim basis, which would increase the number of displacement events to 25. (Note: RBOC has committed that the Music and Arts Festival and the NFL would not occur within the same year.)
  • Review business operations, premium seating, sponsorships, and field naming rights to determine the feasibility of earning additional revenues from these sources.

WPRA will continue to closely monitor these issues, in cooperation with other affected neighborhood organizations. Please send your comments or questions to