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1964 Newspaper Editorials

Sam Burgess of No 710 Action Committee found and circulated a few editorials from the El Sereno Star dating from 1964.  Amazing to look at.

The full editorials are here. Some quotes that seem quite relevant now:

“To us, the ringing request which came from the public as well as from the city officials was that the need for this freeway be restudied. It may be that even the highway engineers will find that there is a better answer to traffic problems than ripping and gutting these beautiful cities and inflicting upon them serious economic and cultural losses.” El Sereno Star, May 14, 1964

“It is a sad day when a city as good and as solid as South Pasadena has been for its 75 years can be gutted and left bleeding because trucks from Bakersfield may want to get to Orange County in a hurry, or people in Long Beach need to cut their driving time to Pasadena by 10 minutes.  There will be every justification if the City of South Pasadena continues its fight to save its integrity.” El Sereno Star, November 22, 1964.

In the end, the City of South Pasadena was able to defeat the eight-lane freeway, but the issue is still with us in 2015!

Sam provided the following background:

These editorials refer to a meeting between the State Division of Highways and the communities affected by the proposed Long Beach Freeway extension.  The meeting was held at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium with 2,000+ in attendance!!!
Some of you may be confused by some of the route descriptions so...

  • State Division of Highways is now know as Cal-Trans.
  • Green Route is basically the Meridian Route and the approximate route of the proposed tunnels.
  • Blue Route was the Westerly Route through El Sereno & Highland Park and proposed by South Pasadena.
  • Colorado Freeway is now the 134 Freeway.
  • Foothill Freeway is the 210.